Audio Assault

Her voice left a flavor of honey and gunpowder on the air

We Interrupt This Empire

SugarDiva, the Gynoid with Digital DNA demands your presence at a ball in honor of the acquisition of Her newest toy; the Planet Earth. Genetically Engineered Life Forms as well as Earthlings are invited to attend the festivities. Upon your arrival, it is customary to present a tribute to compliment our Tyrant’s vulgar curiosity for the subversive and sublime. Offenders with tributes that fail to impress will promptly be escorted by sandmen to Carousel for Renewal. A captured band will provide an audio feed of popular art forms from Earth’s doomed civilization. The band shall be tortured into playing various forms of Earth music, such as ebm, g-funk and speedpolka. This event will be broadcast Live on various frequencies in Machine Code, Esperanto and NumberWang. Catering to all voyeuristic intentions, artifical constructs will administer high dosages of torment while violating your tympanic membrane. Damage over time guaranteed! Sample the delights of Earth before they are wiped from the Universe forever. Spend a night reliving the future the way it used to be!

And Machine saw everything She had made and said: BEHOLD©
And on the seventh day, Machine pressed [ STOP ]

Mauve Alert:  Broadcasting On All Frequencies

Free streaming radio stations for your auditory pleasure.

K-ROQ² of the 80s!
Featuring original djs and those memorable bumpers.   Also available for phones via the app.

Groove Radio is back!

91x San Diego
9.35 K-Day  LA’s Hip Hop back in the day
949 San Diego
97.1 Amp LA
99.1 Riverside
105.9 fm  LA’s Power 106

A wide collection of genres.  Free to stream, but also available on the iTunesAndroid
platforms for a nominal fee.  GroveSalad is a personal favorite station on Soma, take a mouthful.  A must-have!

Other Free Music Apps
Digitally Imported
Indie 103.1 
Rap Radio
Slacker Radio
WeFunk Radio

Delisted from Apple
Spin 80s by Bloop
Dubstep  by KandaBi