Ethnicity Estimation as of July 2019.
Featuring 16,000 reference samples
500+ possible regions

*Note:  Ancestry includes a 300 year migration route, as indicated on the above map circled in orange.  This represents both North Alabama Settlers and Tennessee River Valley Settlers, by those from Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and West Europe.

England, Wales & Northwestern Europe - 57%
Native American - North, Central, South - 21%
Ireland & Scotland - 8%
Portugal - 5
Web Designer 5%
Senegal - 2%
Web Designer 2%
Native American - Andean 2%
Web Designer 2%
Mali - 2%
Cameroon, Congo, & Southern Bantu - 1%
Basque - 1%
Norway - 1%

My Appearance and Sensory Traits: Coming soon.

This is the extent of what is provided by for the dna portion of one’s personal results.  Ancestry does provide a great deal of information you may review for a better understanding of the science behind your results. 

Other services for AncestryDNA:

  • DNA Traits – What your genetic makeup could reveal about your appearance and sensory traits.
  • DNA Matches (if you opt-in) –  This feature connects you with your extended dna familial matches. 
  • DNA Circle (optional) – Allows you to create a family tree that is accessible by the public.
  • ThruLines -(optional) – Uses Ancestry tree to suggest how you may be related to your DNA matches through a common ancestors.
  • Personal Discoveries Project (in βeta) – Personal surveys which will provide Ancestry data for future trait reports.
  • Spotify – Recently AncestryDNA has added the option to have a Spotify account.  I am unsure if this partnership grants customers access to just the basic account or offers premium features.  Or even connects to preexisting accounts.

Ancestry also has a very active online community that exchanges helpful information if you wish to explore your family’s public records through their original document service plan.