“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.” – O. Wilde

To those that have been here before; thank you for your interest and continuous devotion over the decades. To any first time visitors; I also appreciate your attention or curiosity. 

Who’s Your Diva?
Los Angeles born & raised.  Resided on Oahu and in AZ, now back in SoCal, on an undisclosed beach.

Supplemental bio sung to a random underground tune:
I’m just another atypical nomadic enigmatic carnivore
hazel eyes lightly freckled multicultural and annoyingly punctual
political junkie reality tv addict straight-edge lifestyler
ex-clubkid ex-wife ex-gamerchick Generation X’er
with an obscene sense of humor but otherwise incorruptible

Accept No Substitutes
Upon creating this domain, I decided not to obtain the name SugarDiva on any social network platform. Nonetheless, I have been mistakenly contacted by individuals in search of others that have adopted the name elsewhere. I have no association to anyone using the name SugarDiva on a social network, as an advertiser, for an email account, on a messaging app, as an avatar, on a blog, as a business, in a newsgroup forum, or any other branding purposes. No shade intended. Of course, I do want all divas to succeed. It’s just that after 2 decades as a webmistress, I rather avoid additional confusion.

If someone has linked this website to their profile, I can assure you that they have absolutely no connection to me. The only two accounts associated with me outside of this domain, is the pinterest link on the homepage, and the tumblr blog linked within my cinema section.  Others may be able to copy content from my domain, but they can not add content here, ask them to alter this page if you have a doubt.  Additionally, the registrant of this domain is an anagram, and not my legal name.

The Domain
In 1997, the domain registrar VeriSign was a monopoly that imposed strict requirements upon registrants.  Originally, only verified businesses could register domains after faxing notarized documentation.  I registered several domains for business purposes and projects of leisure.  Although, most of those domains remain offline, I am not interested in selling my registration.  This domain has been hosted intermittently, but I have been the sole registrant since 1997.  Over the years, I have subhosted most of my domains, but I am not open to offering this service to others.

As much as I love my Steampunk Zeppelin theme in Flash, it is now retired.  Due to Adobe discontinuing Flash, visitors could no longer see my domain, instead were greeted with a text message.  I am trying to craft a layout that is universally suited for mobile users.  If you want to view my previous design, or get more information on Adobe’s decision to terminate Flash, you can find details here.

Over the decades this domain has gone through many incarnations, from edible pastels, to fashionable florals, and luxe steampunk themes.  The asfr theme has always been prominent on least one of my domains.  Now that this domain is the only one currently hosted, I decided to add some cybernetic flavor.  Most people view a dozen or so websites within an hour, so I choose to offer something memorable.  Because honestly, this whole site could be read within 30 minutes, and the design itself is minimal to adapt to mobile use.  So, why not give my audience something to remember?

Curiosity killed the cat - Satisfaction brought it back